Cashion Rods

When you’re trying to decide which rod brand you want in your hand, what are the factors that come into play? Is it durability? Sensitivity? Rod weight? Price? I’m sure your answer is yes to each of those but here at Cashion Fishing Rods, it’s all of that and more.

For us, it starts and ends with the people. Cashion rods are built by the best rod and blank builders on the planet. Every fishing rod passes through the hands of some of the most passionate men and women in the industry.

Next is the material. Our founder and president, Dr. Matthew Cashion has a PhD in chemistry with concentration in polymer science and has spent countless hours creating a fishing rod that is strong, durable and sensitive.
Lastly, we pride ourselves in producing an American-made fishing rod. From the blank material to the rod tips, every Cashion rod is truly MADE IN AMERICA.

At Cashion Rods, we truly believe in our product and stand behind it. That is why we offer arguably the best warranty program in the industry.

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