13 Fishing The Ladyfish 8'' Ladyfish Swimbait

13 Fishing The Ladyfish 8'' Ladyfish Swimbait

B & H Custom Tackle

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  • The Ladyfish from 13 Fishing Coalition Baits is a big 8 inch boot tail style soft body swimbait.
  • Like all 13 Fishing Coalition Baits, you'll find Hand Painted Finishes with HD Holographic Eyes for maximum lifelikeness on The Ladyfish.
  • The Ladyfish has a nose that lets you anchor your hook in there with plastic nose anchors for extra security and pop the hook out through the proprietary molded-in hook slot.
  • The boot tail design gives The Ladyfish a realistic action, while the USA Sourced material gives it maximum buoyancy.
  • The Ladyfish comes in two colors: Dark Ladyfish and Light Ladyfish. It is 8 inches long and weighs 3 oz.

Wave goodbye to a super soft and lazy day of fishing. Cast the 13 Fishing Coalition Baits The Ladyfish out only if you're prepared for epic battles, sore arms, and beaded brows. The Ladyfish is anchored at the nose, like a bull because this bait is a large fellow. We recommend grasping a VMC Weighted Screw Lock Hook that is equally to scale 10/0.